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Russian Siberian Forest Cats, Canada!

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     You are probably as surprised as I was to find a cat that is hypo-allergenic and beautiful as well!!
     My intro to the Russian Siberians started in December of 2004 from a search on the internet for hypo-allergenic cats. I couldn't beleive my eyes when I saw the pictures of these awesome felines.

     The first thing to do was to try and find some. Not an easy task. My first kitten came from Meowdermuffins in Las Vegas. Faith spent alot of time with me, as did Rebecca, from California, as I had never been involved with the purebred cat world. Horses, yes, from our Sunnybrook Stables operation of hypo-allergenic Curly horses. But the cat world was all new to me.

     The next kittens came from Europe. Figured if we could not find any here, then we would go to the source. Saw a picture of Denise and Shajana and fell in love. But how to get them here!! Fortunately I had a client in Germany that was looking to purchase 3 of our execellent Curly mares and we made arrangements to meet three diferent breeders in Trier, Germany. They brought Denny, Shajana, Quirinja and Miska to there and then began thier long trip home, to Canada.
     I never dreamt so many people would love these kitties as I do. Our kittens have made new homes all accross Canada, the United States, Kuwait and even AFRICA! Stella, one of Chayana's and Denny's kittens went all the way to Florida! Cessie, one of Chayline and Charlushka's babies is in Africa.

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