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Introducing Our Siberian Male Cat

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Charles's Dad
RW TGC Kotik Dikaya Krassa of Sonoma
International Champion

Dikaya Krassa's Sire:Wch Arsenij Newski, red tabby point
Dikaya Krassa's Dam: Int. Ch Glasha, Seal point
Charles's Mom
Amanda Sue Marie
International Champion.

Amanda's Sire:Kunsul Sineglasyj Angel, (Neva masquerade)
Amanda's Dam: Anyuta Dobraya Skaska, (Neva masquerade)

We were extremely excited when Rebecca agreed to let Charlushka come and live with us at Sveltlana Siberians. We got our very first Siberian, Chayana, from Rebecca. So we sourced her first as we already knew she had impeccable breeding lines from the finest Russian stock around. And Charles was no dissapointment upon his arrival at our cattery. He has the colour we were looking for, the bloodlines, and the most important, he tested at TWO for allergens!! Awesome!

Every time we bring out the guitars he finds a compfy spot in my guitar case. Happy as can be.

Waiting patiently for dinner.

His favourite pastime, napping on the couch.

And he is not fussy about who he has to share the couch with.

More baby pictures before he arrived.

Charles as a kitten trying to look like a big scary kitty!!