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Introducing Our Siberian Female Cat

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Whizkas' Dad
Born August 28th, 2007.
Mother is
Father is
from Grand International
Champion parents.
Whizkas' Mom
Born 2006.
Mother is
Andokaja`s Liena.
Father is
Gismo Denval
Champion in Europe.

Whizkas is one of the kittens that is a prime example of why I should not be a breeder!! I want to keep them all. Whizkas is one of the lucky ones that gets to stay and be a queen at Svetlana Siberians. She has the gorgeous coat and colour that we wanted. and her personality is beyond compare.

Her spot to be found at Christmas. Under the tree knocking down the ornaments. We were just greatful she did not try to climb the tree.

Trying to open her Christmas present.

She had a blast tearing apart the paper and tossing it all around. I have a cute video that I can try to send you if you wish.

Jason got a wind up hamster in his stocking from Santa. Whizkas and Princess could not figure out if they should attack it or eat it. Was way too funny.

Gorgeous, lush, golden coat.

One final picture to show off her highlights.