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Russian Siberian Forest Cats, Canada!

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Hi There!

    We are located One hour SW of Edmonton, the capital of Alberta.

We have partnered with West Jet for flying our kittens accross Canada and the US. They have provided excellent service for us and our babies.
Once a year we travel to Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia and have delivered kittens on our travels.
Our Phone Number is:

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     Here's a link to our Directions from our
Sunnybrook Stables Curly horse site

One of our prior males, Mishka, playing with the race cars at Christmas.

Our past sealpoint male, Denny, and silver smoke tabby angel, Chayana.

     Here's a link for our
Adoption Agreement .
     If you have already talked to us and are ready to send us an adoption agreement, please download the above file. Write in the top corner what your preference is for a kitten, if you have one, and how important your preference is.
     Our kittens are adopted out by order of deposit received.
     We do not take deposits for more kittens than we expect per litter.
     We also give full refunds for deposits if you have an allergic reaction within two days. We've only had to do this once with all the kittens we have sent to new homes. (about 100 to December 2009)