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Russian Siberian's!

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Russian Siberian Forest Cats, Canada!

We are located one hour SW of Edmonton, Alberta.

Enjoy meeting our Siberian Cats!

About US

     A hot day in the summer of 2004 was one of the saddest of my life. I lost my best friend, my cat Kit Kat, who had been with me for over 9 years. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. For had I not lost Kit Kat I never would have discovered the wonderful world of Russian Siberian Forest cats.
     We have been blessed to transport our championship babies around the world! Africa, Kuwait, all over the United States and Canada.

About Siberian Cats
     We have been raising Siberian Cats since 2004 and have had tremendous results for people with allergies. They have been an excellent addition to our stables since they do not cause allergic reactions to everyone that comes to our ranch to test our hypo-allergenic Curly horses . The only cats we raise are Siberians and all of our kittens have gone to people with allergies to regular cats.
Most people that arrive to do an allergy test for the Siberian Cats are amazed that:
    A. They have little or no reaction.
    B. The cats are so beautiful with their long hair.
    C. They shed less than Pursians.
    D. How friendly and playful they are, like puppies!

Our Owners
    Everything that I have read and heard about these rare cats intrigued me. They have the temperament and character to make them a joy for anyone to meet. Their fantastic looks are just a huge bonus!
It is the dander that most people reacte to, and the fact that Siberians have lower allergen levels means less irritation!! Our male, Charlushka, has one of the lowest levels possible at POINT 4!! Top level for regular cats is 35!!

Contact Us
     It was fun searching the world for cats that we thought would compliment each other and be our foundation felines for our new and exciting adventure. We wanted only Championship lines, ensuring quality conformation and colour points for their elegant markings. So we personally went to Europe to the top breeders. We met in Europe with the owners and imported the kittens via Cargolux, the same airline we use for our horses!! Our kittens are the testimony to our decissions!

     All of our cats are part of our family and have "the run of the house". Our kittens are born in my bedroom closet where I can watch them through the night. Chayanna is the one that decided this and Whiskas has joined her in this tradition. We also have arrangements for the kittens to be born with family and friends. They love the opportunity to raise the little gems. We welcome visitors to our home and look forward to meeting you! Check the kittens page to see the date of our next Open House.

Available Siberians!!
     We have 1 litter of kittens each year from our six girls. If you don't see kittens listed on the for sale page it may just be that we have been to busy to update the site. So please email and ask!

Amazing CarPET available in Canada
We are happy to announce that we have discovered a wonderful new product for pet hair removal from the UK and have imported some to offer for sale to the owners of our kitties!!
It is a miracle tool to remove pet hair and lasts forever!
The simple, economical and effective CarPET for only $10.95
Here is a link to the video for the CarPET availalbe April 1, 2015 at our cattery.

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