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Russian Siberian Forest Kittens Available For Sale!


WE currently do have kittens available, please email for details.
We host an Open House every couple of months for people to come and meet our kitties and be amazed that they really are hypo-allergenic and BEAUTIFUL!!

Please email to confirm a time. We do access a $10 per person visitation fee.

With the amount of interest in our cats, we do request that you attempt to limit your visit to half an hour and 2 people per inquiry (we try to limit to 5-6 people per half hour), but do understand when more family members may need to attend. The Open House with over 50 people was pretty overwhelming for our cats and kittens and of course they had had enough after half an hour. So in the best interest of our kitties we would like to try and spread out the love!

We have had people give us bad cheques to pay for their kitten, which has caused undue embarrassment for us, so I am sorry, but we prefer not to take cheques. Cash Please.
Email for an appointment to meet our Siberian Cats and test your allergies!

WE do have available kittens!!

Yetkatarina and Raeszka had their babies!!
Pictured above with their last babies.


Our first litter from Denny and Shajana
Two seal point babies.
Sorry, all adopted!

A litter from Denny and Shajana
Five lynz and seal point, two with orange points!
Sorry, all adopted!

Our first litter from Denny and Chayana
Our best momma ever.
Silvers. Sorry, all adopted!

Our first litter from Denny and Czarina
Goldens. Sorry, all adopted!


Adopted Kittens

Svetlana Klava
Male white/orange from Denny and Shajana

Svetlana Sevastyan
Interesting tiger stripe lynz point male from Denny and Shajana

Svetlana Akalina
Smoke silver tabby female from Denny and Chayana

Svetlana Makari
Dark seal point male from Denny and Chayana

We do offer instalment payments if that helps you to plan for the arrival of your new little one!
You can simply make $150 payments per month untill your little one is ready to come home!

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