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Reports from our new friends and adoptee's of our adorable kittens!

Excellent video from the infamous Doctor Oz about the hypo-allergenic qualities of the Russian Siberian kitty cats. Also has an expert talking about the dander with cats and why the Siberians work for people with allergies to "regular" cats.

Click on the picture to see
Dr. Oz discussing pet allergies and the Siberian cat.

     Hi Deanna,
     I am happy to report that my tiny Tuna cat is now eating lots! I've also never seen a cat love to drink water so much! She now is VERY playful.
     I have referred you to a few friends that think she is the most beautiful kitten they have seen and also have allergies. Not only is she beautiful, she is a sweet heart that constantly purrs and plays. Her favourite game is hide and seek, where she hides and chirps at me to find her and then runs to a new spot when I do find her - if I don't participate, she pounces me and runs away to encourage me to play along - smart AND demanding already! She cuddles only when she is tired, but I am confident that she will cuddle more once her crazy kitten energy wears down. We love her so much and would like to thank you for giving us such a special girl. We are obsessed.
     I have crazy allergies to cats, and took allergy medication everyday for two years the last time I had a cat. To be completely honest, I did react to her at first - but only minimally with sneezing and sniffles. Usually, I will break out into full blown hives and itchy eyes. I took allergy medication for a day and a half - and haven't needed it since. My husband is very impressed. So, as someone who did react at first, I am proof that the reaction went away and my body became immune very quickly - less than 2 days. It's amazing. So those that think they may not even be able to have a Siberian or other hypo-allergenic cat breed, they could be pleasantly surprised that they can.
     Cheers and I will send more updates later! Regards, Christina

     Some of you that have been to our cabin for a visit will remember our one eyed Jack. He was a large silver boy that had lost one eye as a baby. Gorgeous kitty.
     Well, he went to a very amazing family. Sad/Happy story. Wonderful lady, Dawnine, bought a horse from me, going through divorce, kept her horse with me as the husband wanted to sell it. Then she got sick and passed away in one month. Left her little angel, Ellie, behind.
     So grandma gets to see her grandaughter every weekend. Dawnine originally came to purchase a curly horse as she had allergies to all animals, and so does Ellie. Grandma remembered Ellie didn't reacte to our siberian cats so when I contacted her about the horse of Dawnines she mentioned Ellie would love to have a kitty, but of course she could not afford to purchase one, so Jack found a new home
     The picture is of the snowman they built, Grandma, Ellie and one eyed Jack. His eye is a sunflower. Does not get any cuter than that!

     Hi Deanna!
     How are you? I purchased a siberian kitty from you in November 2010 and I was going through some of my e-mails when I came across one where you sent me pictures of our kitty's parents/grandparents (Nakeala & Charles). I was surprised how much our little Willow ("Will", "William", Silly Willy", "Willy Winkie" or most commonly "Willy Wonka") looks like his father/grandfather.
     I wanted to send you a quick update to let you know that Willy has been a GREAT addition to our family. He's the life to every party as he LOVES being the center of attention. He's always a source of entertainment with not only our family but to all our neighbors and the kids at school. He's quite a character as he seems to get himself into all sorts of trouble. For example: As you will see in one of the pictures, he got himself caught up one of our 30 ft evergreen trees and we had to call the fire dept to get him down. Needless to say, he was quite shaken up when we got him down and I had to cut some of the sap/needles out of his fur before giving him a bath - he wasn't impressed!
     He's a very intelligent cat too as I've taught him to walk on a leash and he walks with me and the girls every morning (a lot of people take a second look when they see I'm walking a cat on a leash!). The school kids are usually waiting for us to arrive to say their "Hello's" to Willy - as I said, he LOVES the attention and he's amazing with the kids. Also, we've taught him to: "hug" where I tap my shoulders and he jumps up into my arms; when he's meowing loud and I need for him to be quiet, I put my index finger to my mouth to say shhh and talk to him quietly and he starts meowing quietly; when I'm working on the computer, he likes to sit on the desk and I say "down" and touch the top of his head and he lays down; and, last but not least, I taught him to use the toilet (see picture) so NO cat litter to deal with! With all this, there has been NO allergies with ANYONE that has come to our house and people are quite amazed!
     Well, that's my update - he's an AWESOME cat and we can't thank you enough for him!
     I wish you a great summer! Take Care

     Hi Deanna!
     Hope you are keeping well.
     I thought I'd update you with how things have been going with Moose and Squirrel (Charlushka and Hishkey litter, born 16 JULY 11).
     Moose and Squirrel are doing very well, and growing like weeds.
     Adopting 2 kittens instead of 1 was the best thing we could have done. It helped immensely when we brought them home, as they had each other for comfort. They are always together, either playing, sleeping or both seeking us out to sit with/spend time with one of us. Both are extremely affectionate and constantly purring, and love belly rubs and ear scratches. They’re both quite energetic; currently, I’m teaching them to play “fetch” with some success. Squirrel is the “ring leader” – Moose can be somewhat reticent, but as soon as he sees what Squirrel is up to, he has to see what’s going on. They are very resourceful – always finding things to play with. They have toys galore, but seem to enjoy batting around guitar picks the best. Alan forgot to turn off the Hammond one night, and the cats woke us up “playing” it. It’s been wonderful to see them grow from shy kittens to the confident little cats they are now.
     The best news is that Alan, who has been highly allergic to cats all his life, is not having any reactions whatsoever to them. I had a cat when he and I first met, and Alan went on allergy medications... for 8 years. When that cat passed, I thought that I would be getting a dog, which would have been fine. However, I’ve been a cat person all my life, so it would have been a big transition for me. Being able to visit so that he could spend time with the cats and kittens really helped in the decision. Although we decided right then and there to purchase the 2 kittens, I kept asking him during the drive home if he was still all right, and he had absolutely no issues. Had he done the same with other breeds, we would have had to leave as he couldn’t have been in the same room with them, much less be around 4 cats and kittens as we were when we visited.
     We’re also recommending you to friends of ours that have had cat allergy issues, so you may get a few phone calls about this amazing breed.
     Thank you, Deanna, for everything – we are very happy, and these little guys are the best! - it's great to have "fur-kids" in the house again. :)

     Hi there-
     Have been meaning to send some pics of our girl to you for some time. We ended up calling her Eliza. She is such a beauty. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful cat. She is always by my side, from the moment I come home. She sleeps curled up by my head and has even tried to jump in the shower with me! That was just one time- now she sits on the bath mat and chirps til I come out :) She plays fetch with tin foil balls and loves to sit on the computer keyboard.....impossible to get anything done!
     We recently lost our 17 year old cat to cancer (just last week). She was so good with him, eating with him and cuddling, so eager to play but seemed to understand he was sick too. When he passed, I was heartbroken and she seemed to understand that too. She gave me so many kisses and cuddles that day, sticking by my side and seeking to be carried around on my shoulder, while she buried her head in my neck. She is definitely a sweetheart and a wonderful light in our home. We love her to bits.
     Best to you for the Christmas season and New Year,

     Good morning!
     "Many thanks Deanna for inviting my husband and I into your home to test his allergies with your beautiful Siberian cats! I grew up with a loving cat in my parents house when I was younger, and have always wanted one of my own. My husband has had allergies to cats his whole life, but when I saw your website I had hope again!
     He had no allergic reaction during our visit to your house, and I'm excited to say we are now eagerly awaiting the birth of our new kitten. Thank you for making this all possible Deanna!"

     Hi Deanna,
     I got a seal point kitten from you back in November and wanted to send you some pictures. My boyfriend hasn't had a problem with allergies and we just absolutely adore her. Some of her unique qualities: waking me up early to kneed into my neck (it's quite cute, she actually puts her head on my pillow and curls into me); having to beat us every where in the house or be a bathroom companion; or launching herself up onto her scratching post when we walk by. Definitely the personality and such a little sweetheart. I love her fluffy tail and white foot too, she's such a beautiful cat. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have a cat again, she means the world to me.
     Hope you and your family are doing well. :) Jennifer

     Good morning!
     I just wanted to check in and see how things are going with you. Sinbad who is now named Milo is full of energy, loves cuddling, is VERY curious and has now fallen into the bath twice! :) He was very embarrassed both times and had to lick himself for hours after to get himself clean! hahaha. I should take a picture next time....he looks like a wet rat!
     The vet was so impressed with him. she said he was beautiful as she had never really seen a Siberian forest cat before. Trying to get him to stop purring so she could listen to his heart was quite the challenge........everything seemed to make him purr harder! She said she will fix him at 6 months old so I will send you the paperwork once that has been done.
     Hope all is well with you and want to thank you again for my new special friend.
     Kindest Regards, Heidi

     Here's an email from one extremely happy Karina:
     Hello Deanna,
     I hope you are well. My boyfriend and I purchased a kitten from you this past May. We absolutely adore our Kahlua. She is lying with us write now as I am typing this. I've attached a couple of pictures of her for you to see.
     Thank you very much for breeding such wonderful cats. I am hoping to add to our family soon and would love to purchase another kitten from you. If you could keep me updated about future litters we would greatly appreciate it.
     Best wishes,
     Karina & Kyle
     From Trevor and Marie:
     "My Siberian Cat's First Year"
     Our Siberian Cat has done wonderfully in this family. We love him so much!
     The people in our family who are allergic to cats haven’t had an allergic reaction with Nicholas.
     We have a screened in porch, where he spends much of his day watching all the birds and squirrels in our back yard. It is funny to see him trying to hunt through the screen.
     Here are some pictures of him from the begging to very recent.

     Here's an email from one very excited little girl:
     Hi it's Teagan (Jason's daughter)
     I was wondering if you could send pictures of the kittens with their Mom and Dad and their Gender. How old do the kittens have to be to go to their new home! My grandma says,2 months. Is that how old they have to be? I'm REALLY REALLY excited I don't care if it's a 3 hour drive but as long as we get the kitten it's worth 3 hours. This is my Dad's VERY 1st cat :-) ! Before we found your website I was out of luck if I asked for a cat (due to her extreme allergies to cats) and mom and dad said No! No! I've always dreamed of getting a cat but now I really am! I'm only 7 but I'm turning 8 on July 28th it may be a big Job but I can do it. My job is giving her Food and fresh water. My little sis likes cats she sometimes says cat she's 1! My brother wants a silver kitten he's 12 I want a silver kitten too but we get what we get.
     Nancy told me we made a little girls dream come true when Blossum entered thier lives.
     Nancy's nieces have allergies, and wanted a cat soooo bad. Little Elizabeth would go around pretending she was a cat! It was Isabelle's fourth birthday and Nancy searched frantically for a kitten for her. Just by chance we did not allow one of our kittens to go to it's new home, so our little Blossum flew to Toronto to become part of her loving family.
     As you can see, blossum handled the flight just fine, and was definetly the center of attetion. Nancy reports that she is doing awesome and has changed their lives.

     An excited Natasha emailed me about our Siberian kitties, and when they showed up I could tell her fiancée was skeptical. But it worked!! and here is here story:
     After having to rehome my darling Siamese Bella due to my fiancée’s allergies (he was worth it;-)), I was absolutely heartbroken. I spent months trying to become a "dog-person", but you know, it's just not the same.
     Then I researched and researched and we went to meet the most known or talked about cats related to being tolerated by those suffering from cat allergies, "the Rex". Well, unfortunately, my fiancée was still allergic to this breed (and we did not find their temperament the same as the Siberians). Then on went the research...for some reason I just couldn't let it go. And, am I glad I didn't!!
     Along came Deanna and the Siberian breed. We decided to give it one last effort. And, amazingly enough my fiancée has absolutely no reaction whatsoever! The kitten sleeps beside his head on the pillow nearly every night! AMAZING! These cats allowed me to be able to get my "cat-fix" again without killing my fiancée in the meantime ;-).
     I sincerely thank Deanna for having gone through all the steps it took to be able to breed these lovely cats (who are beautiful, friendly, and, for some with cat allergies a MIRACLE!!).
     Isabella's allergies are so bad that she never mentioned a word to her daughter that she was meeting me to test a kitten. She was certain her reaction would be to bad for her keep one and did not want her daughter, Lu, to be dissapointed. Lu wanted a cat so bad she threatened to leave home just so she could have one!
     Isabella worked it out that she could have the kitten for a couple of days while her daughter was away to have a real fair test. Well, you can imagine how excited she was when I met her and she "could breathe!!". And how thrilled Lu was when she came home and there was a kitten there! And it could stay!!

     Francine was thrilled when her partner showed no reaction after visiting us to test for allergies. They took little Gypsy home and here is her report at 6 months:
     "She's doing great! We named her Gypsy but usually call her Destructor!! She's a little trouble maker but very, very sweet. We had to put child protectors on the cupboards because she somehow learned to open every door in the house, starting with the bedroom (so she now sleeps with us). She also started clearing 4 foot jumps with ease about a month ago and is really enjoying living in our Christmas trees the last week. She is a super affectionate cat (you can't even go to the bathroom alone) but so far no bad allergic reactions! "
Ruff and Tumble are two spoilt kitties!! Ruff got to stay with us to wait untill Tumble was old enough to go with him to his new home. Ruff became my niece's friend during that time and Deb was very sad to see Ruff leave. Ruff would sit for hours watching TV and trying to catch anything that moved on it.

     Carolyn has allergies to cats! so guess what she went looking for! They LOVE their new addition and are thrilled to have found him.
     "The kitten has had no problem adjusting. He eats and uses the litter box as he should. If anything he is too confident with his new family; he won’t sleep or play without having us involved. He is very active. Our daughter just loves him and has named him “Toothpaste”!"
     Cori found us from all the way down south Florida! Little Stella made the long journey and arrived safe and sound.
     "I've brought Stella to the store a few times - she's a hit where ever she goes. I brought her in to the vet for her rabies shot this past Tuesday and then took her in to the store - she slept on the counter all afternoon - only woke up for an occasional pet. Then on Thursday, one of the customers that saw her on Tuesday came in specifically to see her again but I didn't bring her in. She was so dissapointed. She has gained almost a pound in the last month and she's acclamating so nicely with all of my other monsters! She is just the sweetest thing - she reminds me of a dog!"

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